The Madison County Democratic Party Committee and Madison County Democrats are a diverse group of people that promote respectful discussion, debate, and action on a wide range of issues that face us at our county, regional, state, and national levels. We aspire to be a positive force for GOOD in our county and work to make sure all the voices of our community are heard.

More about us.

Democrats of Madison County Georgia

We aspire to be a positive force for GOOD in our county.


Respectful discussions and debate on complicated issues with focus on:
* Transparency, fairness, and accountability in government , * Healthy communities,

* Responsible citizenship, * High quality public education for all,
* Decent care for our citizens - health care and support for families and individuals in


Madison County Democrats Believe:

The work of our government must be conducted with transparency, fairness, responsibility, and accountability.
Equal opportunity for all should guide government policies at all levels.
Public input into the decisions made by our elected government officials is a basic right and should be encouraged. 
Madison County needs planned controlled growth for increases in jobs and business, and to support sustainable areas of agriculture.
Every citizen has the right to safety, security, and equal and impartial justice under the law.
Everyone should have access to high quality public education.
All government officials should be held to the highest ethical standards.
That with a realistic awareness of available resources, we must have compassion for and help those in need so they are able to live with hope and self-respect. 
It is our responsibility to leave our children and grandchildren an earth that is safe and viable for future generations.
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